End of May, June 2016 Kitten on the Keys

5/27/16 leigh crow and ruby vixen present Dandy SF Oasis – Great line up Kitten plays piano for several vocalists- 5/26/2016 Madrone Art Bar Happy Hour Best bartender! 6-9 PM 500 divisadero free

April 2016 Kitten on the Keys in San Francisco

4/22 and 4/23 R3 Triple R Guerneville Piano Bar 8pm – 1am 4/26/16 Rite Spot Cafe 17th and Folsom 8:30-10:30 piano and vocals, food and booze 4/28/16 Madrone Art Bar 500 Divisadero St 6-9 Pm Happy Hour

2016 Dates San Francisco

January 12, 2016 Rite Spot Cafe 9-11PM January 14 Madrone Art Bar 6-9 Happy Hour January 21 Madrone Art Bar 6-9 Happy Hour

Kitten on the Keys Solo Piano, Pacheco Cadaver Dates Sept/Oct 2015

Sept/Oct Schedule Kitten Onthekeys Solo Piano/Band dates 9/4 and 9/5 RRR Russian River Resort Sing a Long! 9/8 Rite Spot Cafe 9-11 Pm FREE 17th and Folsom 9/10 Madrone Art Bar 6-9 PM happy Hour 500 Divis. 9/17 Madrone Art Bar 6-9 Happy Hour 9/18 Pachuco Cadaver at Stork Club […]

August 2015 Where the Heck is Kitten on the Keys playing?

8/14-8/15 Russian River Resort , Guerneville , Ca Piano Bar! 8/20 Madrone Art Bar 6-9 Happy Hour 500 Divisadero 8/27 Madrone Art Bar 6-9 Happy Hour 500 Divisadero 8/30 Cafe du Nord 7-10 Music to Masticate By Market Street Headed to Cotati to support Polkacide 8/23

Kitten on the Keys Video from Flower Piano July 2015

https://vimeo-prod-src-std-us.storage.googleapis.com/videos/397236054?GoogleAccessId=GOOGHOVZWCHVINHSLPGA&Expires=1438141478&Signature=rQuhjPtckSPm1XMM5JCR78NOn9M%3D Kitten on the Keys plays Brian Eno’s “By This River” from Before and After Science July 2015 Moon Viewing Garden San Francisco Botanical Garden Video by Dean Mermell THANKS you Sunset Piano